NSK S-Max SG20 Surgical Handpiece

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  • Push Button Chuck
  • Double Sealing System


  • Gear Ratio: 20:1 Reduction
  • Water Spray: External and internal cooling (Kirschner/Meyer)
  • Body Material: Stainless
  • Max Speed: 2,000 min-1
  • Max Torque: 80 Ncm

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Additional information

Incomparable Powerful Cutting and Superb Grip S-Max M Series contra-angles allow cost-effective powerful cutting. Durable and quiet the ergonomic and well balanced instrument allows good accessibility and has superb grip. The NSK S-Max M Series has been designed without compromise. Experience it for yourself.

Double Sealing System

NSK’s original double sealing system reliably prevents blood and bodily fluids from entering the instrument head. This guarantees longevity of the instruments.

Push Button Chuck

Push Button Chuck is NSK’s original push button auto-chuck mechanism that tensions the bur grip during rotation. It allows one-touch bur insertion and removal without tools. The bur lock mechanism is designed so that bur retention strength increases when high loads are applied to the bur.









Product Number: C1010001