NSK Ti-Max Z Micro

Available in fittings for NSK, Kavo, Sirona.

  • Lightweight external titanium body
  • Clean head system
  • 4 hole spray
  • 3 year warranty
Buy 1, Get 1 FREE on Ti-Max Z Micro Series!*

£1,173.00 excl. Vat

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NSK, Kavo, Sirona, W&H

NSK Ti-Max Z Micro.

Technology & Function

Quick Stop Function

Quick Stop Function: The Quick Stop Function halts high speed rotation in approximately 1 second, improving safety by immediately stopping the bur. In turn allowing efficient high speed cutting and safe operation possible.
Clean Head System

Clean Head System: The original NSK labyrinth mechanism dramatically
reduces suck back into the handpiece.

Easily maintained

Easily maintained: Cartridges can easily be changed in-surgery, reducing repair time and cost. The water channel can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Quattro Water Spray

Quattro Water Spray: The NSK Quattro Water Spray effectively cools the entire surface of the bur with a high cooling effect, leaving no areas untreated.

Titanium Body

Titanium Body: Titanium body*. Light and very strong pure titanium is used for the body. The light handpiece reduces the burden on the hands during operations, and its enhanced hardness also improves its ability for autoclave sterilization. The biocompatible properties of titanium eliminate concern over allergies to metals.
*Titanium is used only for the exterior parts, and not for the interior.

Wide Fitting

Wide Fitting: This lineup features models that are compatible with couplings of all companies, and can be connected to units currently in use. With this design, you can easily use the ultimate NSK handpieces without being tied down to a particular unit.
*Compatible couplings differ depending on the series.


DURAGRIP: An ergonomic body shape and the introduction of new DURAGRIP coating provide superior grip and handling comfort.

Product Number: PA2357001, PA2358001, PA2359001

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