NSK VarioSurg3 Handpiece

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NSK VarioSurg3 Handpiece replacement with 2 metre cord for the NSK VarioSurg3.

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NSK VarioSurg3 Handpiece

Super-slim ergonomic handpieces

NSK’s super-slim LED handpiece offers superior access and outstanding visibility.
Excellent balance and ergonomic design facilitate the most accurate procedures and minimise hand and finger fatigue, especially during long procedures.

Effective power transmission with minimal heat generation

By using innovative materials, the VarioSurg3 handpiece delivers appropriate power from the generator to the tip without loss while minimising heat generation.

LED illumination for more precise treatments

NSK LEDs generate natural daylight-quality light to perfectly illuminate the treatment area, enabling more precise treatments and shortening treatment times. LEDs are safe and do not overheat, even during extended use, and are economical due to their long life. Proprietary twin LED lights eliminate shadows in the treatment area, allowing excellent visibility.

Superior materials to withstand constant decontamination

Compliance with autoclaving and thermo-disinfection requirements to guarantee patient safety

Product Number: E1133001