StarDental 430SWL Lubricated FO (Solid F.O Rod) Handpiece

Fiber optic high-speed handpiece features bifurcated glass.

– Swivel (SW) and fixed (K) back-end configurations
– 45-degree angled head for specialty procedures

£885.00 excl. Vat

Additional information

StarDental 430SWL Lubricated FO (Solid F.O Rod) Handpiece

The 430 Series of high-speed handpieces has been the go-to for generations of loyal DENTALEZ dentists. We designed this collection with a wealth of configurations to choose from, to fit the way you work. And we prioritized what everyone wants: quiet, reliable power in a sleek, durable handpiece.
Our 430 handpieces are built to perform through years of daily use. With a wide range of options in an incredibly powerful handpiece, all at a friendly price point, this is the handpiece designed to be your everyday favorite.


With 27 watts of power, the 430 Torque provides fast, precise drilling and cutting. It is balanced and lightweight with a head sized for easy navigation of the mouth. And we didn’t forget the features you wanted most; the 430 Torque is quiet, cool under pressure and a pleasure to use.

Product Number: 26-4451