W&H Assistina 301


  • 1 x handpiece, 35 second cycle time
  • 1 fluid refill pack = 28 manual can of oil
  • Automatic internal cleaning of spray channels
  • Rotational lubrication of internal components
  • Flushing through with compressed air

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Advantages of Assistina plus maintenance the automatic rotational  lubrication ensures optimum distribution of the oil and that an even film of  lubricant is created. Dirt particles are loosened and removed. The lifespan of the instruments is increased significantly whilst service costs are reduced.

Additional features because of the automatic oil dispensing system, only a small amount of oil is released during each maintenance cycle to provide optimum lubrication, making it very economical with no need for further lubrication.

Perfect in the Assistina: W&H Service Oil F1 W&H Service Oil F1 is a product of W&H research and its use ensures optimum maintenance of all W&H instruments.

The maintenance process starts automatically at the touch of a button – rotational lubrication, internal cleaning of the spray channels, and flushing through with compressed air. Simple,  convenient and safe. After only 35 seconds, the instrument is perfectly maintained.

Assistina plus the air driven cleaning and maintenance unit is designed for:

  • Straight and contra angle handpieces
  • turbines (except air-bearing turbines)
  • air motors
  • air-driven scalers

Benefits of Assistina instrument maintenance

  • Cleaning and lubrication of the internal components with W&H Service Oil
  • Cleaning of the spray water and spray air channels with cleaning fluid
  • Flushing through with compressed air

The possible blockage of spray channels caused by a build-up of scale is now less likely to happen! Assistina unit cleans and flushes with an alcohol based cleaning fluid and then dries the internal components with compressed air.

All round cleanliness The Assistina is also very environmentally friendly. The unit not only produces perfectly clean instruments, but by using compressed air as the propellant, makes traditional gases, solvents and canisters superfluous. A suction filter system also ensures that the air emitted is clean.