W&H Assistina Twin Care Set

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  • A cartridge of cleaning solution: Activefluid MC-302.
  • One Service Oil F1 MD-302 cartridge
  • A HEPA filter
  • Manufacturer: W&H

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Additional information

W&H Assistina Twin Care Set:

W&H Assistina Twin Care Set to ensure the correct functioning of the Assistina Twin it is necessary to change both cartridges and the HEPA filter at regular intervals, as the life of the filter has been adjusted to that of the cartridges. This determines the correct cleaning and lubrication of the rotating instruments while properly aspirating the emitted aerosols (which may be contaminated with blood or saliva). In this way, the device does not pose any danger to the user, patient or third parties.

W&H Assistina Twin Care Set features:

  • Maintenance for your instruments safely and quickly.
  • Its productivity is equivalent to 20 bottles of spray oil.
  • With a fill level of 400 ml per spray oil bottle.
  • Maximum lubrication with minimum consumption.
  • With intelligent process monitoring.

How often should I replace the TWIN Care Set?

Each instrument consumes about 0.07 ml of cleaning solution and 0.07 ml of oil, so the maximum life of the Twin Care Set will be between 2800 and 2850 cycles.

You must change it when you have performed this number of cycles.

How do I change TWIN Care Set?

Both cartridges and the filter can be easily replaced without tools.

As in the Assistina 3×2/3×3 unit, the liquid supply is made by needles that go through the cartridge’s partition to get the liquid out. The two cartridges are also mechanically coded to prevent the liquids from being mixed up. In addition, it is only possible to insert the wrong filter if it is forced.

Product Number: 07484000

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