W&H Assistina One Care Set

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W&H Assistina One Care Set
Product Code: 08064970


  • 1 cartridge of Activefluid (200 ml)
  • 1 cartridge of Service Oil F1 (200 ml)
  • 1 HEPA filter

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Additional information

W&H Assistina One Care Set

Handpiece care with theW&H Assistina One Care Set is more cost-effective than manual lubrication or other systems.

The integrated automatic oil dispensing and smart process monitoring system always delivers the correct amount of oil, which makes the Assistina One extremely lucrative. More than 2,800 instruments can be maintained with just one Care Set, saving money, time, and oil spray cans. With maximum lubrication at minimum consumption, Assistina One is a highly economical solution.

The ecological ONE

The Assistina One truly lives up to expectations of an environmentally friendly and sustainable maintenance solution. It only works with compressed air and requires no electric supply.

Made in Austria with durable, high-quality materials, it has a small ecological footprint of production and a long service life.

W&H Assistina One Care Set yields as much as 20 oil spray cans (400 ml per oil spray can)

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Product Number: 08064970

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