W&H Assistina Twin


  • Easy operation
  • Handpiece maintenance in just 10 seconds
  • Non-stop loading through two process chambers that can be used alternately
  • Assistina TWIN Care Set reprocesses up to 2,800 handpieces
  • Active suction of aerosols with integrated HEPA filter
  • Wide range of adaptors
  • Consists of HPI adaptor, Air supply hose 2 m, Power supply unit,
  • TWIN Care Set



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W&H Assistina Twin

The W&H Assistina Twin is ergonomically designed to work effectively and efficiently making it even quicker and easier to maintain your handpieces. Through the innovative oil nebulization technology, W&H has been able to reduce the maintenance process to just 10 seconds. For lightning quick and incomparably thorough results.

Oiling without delay

Relaxed maintenance more effective than ever

Assistina Twin is the first reprocessing device for dental handpieces which is equipped with two process chambers that can be used alternately.

Practical for every practice

Process up to 360 handpieces per hour

The Assistina TWIN adapts to the specific requirements of your practice. The process chambers can be equipped with suitable adaptors.

Minimal consumption

Cost-effective handpiece maintenance

Each Assistina TWIN Care Set allows for the maintenance of approximately 2,800 handpieces. This makes it the smart way to process handpieces. The Assistina Twin nebulizes the oil to produce an easily dispersible mist, which is discharged through the instrument at high pressure, thereby effectively removing contaminaton from inside the instrument. The oil, in a fine mist, consistently coats even the most inaccessible parts of the handpiece gearing without any need for them to be set in motion. All aerosols are eliminated from the process chambers via active suction and integrated HEPA filter. The Assistina Twin technology is even more efficient, oiling all gearing components and cleaning spray channels in only 10 seconds per handpiece, making rotational lubrication a thing of the past.

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