W&H Disposable Prophy Cup Heads

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Prophy Cup Heads – Firm, Prophy Cup Heads – Soft

Inspired by Prophy professionals

For the optimum removal of biofilm and discolouration, the new Proxeo Twist Cordless disposable prophy angle cups are available in two different hardnesses. All Proxeo Twist Cordless disposable prophy angle cups are equipped with a Doriot connection.

W&H offers the appropriate disposable prophy angles in various hardness levels for the Proxeo Twist Cordless Polishing System. They were designed in consultation with Prophy users. Great emphasis was placed on features such as optimal adaptation, simple paste pickup and distribution as well as gentle cleaning into the sulcus.








  • Smooth surface on the edge for gentle cleaning into the sulcus.
  • Nubs on the outside reduce splattering of the paste and polish the interdental space at the same time.
  • Small head and thin neck for an optimum view of the treatment site and better accessibility of hard-to-reach areas, such as the molar and tuber regions.
  • Optimum adaption the cups of the disposable prophy angles adapt precisely to the tooth surface.
  • Special internal fins for easy pickup and targeted application of paste.
  • Makes a good impression the individually packed clear cups are opened directly in front of the patient.