W&H Piezomed SA-320

£4,455.00 excl. Vat


  • Automatic instrument detection
  • Three individual operating modes
  • Temporary 20% power increase with boost function
  • Ideal illuminaiton of the operating field via an LED ring
  • Efficient cooling due to the spray opening positioned close to the instrument’s working area
  • LED handpiece and cable is thermo washer disinfectable and sterilisable

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Piezomed puts all the advantages of innovative ultrasound technology at your fingertips: High-frequency microvibration allow cutting with incredible precisions. In addition, with the so-called cavitation effect you can also ensure an almost blood-free surgical site.

Piezomed facilitates the surgeon’s and implantologist’s work: Thanks to innovative ultrasound technology, only bone substance is resected with high precision. The surrounding soft tissue remains uninjured. A noticeable relieft for the patient: less pain, quicker healing!

Consists of:

  • control unit
  • foot control S-N1
  • handpiece with 1.8 m cable and clips
  • irrigation tubing set
  • mains cable
  • motor support
  • stand
  • instrument changer
  • sterilisation cassette
  • 6-piece “Bone” instrument kit