W&H Plug & Play MF-100 Electric Motor

£1,650.00 excl. Vat

EM-12 L Features:

  • Speed range – 100 – 40,000 rpm*
  • Max. power – 59 Watt
  • Length (effective, without ISO connection) – 31.55 mm
  • Weight – 57 g
  • Noise level – 43 dB (A)
  • Light – LED
  • Spray – Internal
  • Cooling air – 6 – 8 NI/min
  • Direction of rotation: Forward/reverse operation
  • Instrument coupling: ISO 3964 (short) compatible

*Speed range depends on motor/system version.

MF-100 Features:

  • Speed range – 2,000 – 40,000 rpm
  • Mains voltage – 100 – 240 V, 47 – 63 Hz
  • Dimensions (h x w x d) – 92 x 156 x 211 mm
  • Weight – 1.06 kg


  • 1 x Plug & Play MF-100 control unit
  • Power supply with mains cable
  • 1 x EM-12 L Motor
  • NOW WITH 2X FREE W&H Synea Fusion WG-99 LT handpiece’s

24 Month warranty

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Electric motor EM-12 L

Powerful. Versatile. Small.

The EM-12 L brushless electric motor offers impressive functionality and comfort. Short, slight and light.


ISO short coupling – can be used with all conventional straight and contra-angle handpieces, including Short Editions.

Constantly high power

High performance, reliable durability. Broad spectrum of speeds from 100 up to 40,000 rpm.

Optimally balanced

25% lighter, 15% shorter – ideal weight distribution satisfies ergonomic demands.

LED technology

Improved view with LED light. LED light integrated in the motor Daylight-quality illumination of the treatment site.

Perfect balance of performance and ergonomics

It is particularly small and surprisingly light, is comfortable to hold and in addition to the consistent high power, also scores extra points with its features such as LED technology, long service life and quiet operation.

MF-100 Plug & Play

Cost efficient plug and play equipment requiring no modifications to your dental unit. With flexible installation and customised positioning, you can also install the MF-100 below or on the side of the table used for your dental unit.

Connected simply by inserting the turbine hose of your dental unit into the rear of the MF-100 and the connection to the power grid, you’ll be able to control the device via your dental unit’s standard foot control.
The plug and play display is simple to use without any previous instruction or training. The display can also be removed from the Add-on and positioned independently of the control module.

W&H Synea Fusion WG-99 LT

Proven Synea quality has never been so economical: With the Synea Fusion line W&H has developed a range of instruments in which economy is as important as quality.

Optimal cooling from four sides – Continuous cooling with Quattro Spray.

Small head – Best visibility and optimal access thanks to new small head sizes.

Good illumination – Compact glass rod for good illumination of the treatment site.

Quality that pays for itself – Proven Synea quality, maximum efficiency in use & uncompromising user comfort.

Optimised grip profile – For secure grip and optimum hygiene.

Special instruments – Special reciprocating contra-angle handpieces for areas that are difficulty to access.

  • With light
  • Head size: Ø 9.5 mm
  • Head height with bur: 21.6mm
  • Max. length: 25mm
  • Speed increase: 1:5
  • Spray: 4x
  • Illuminating power: 25,000 lux
  • Indications: Crown and cavity preparations, trephining, resections, finishing, removing fillings and metal.