W&H Proxeo TWIST Cups and Brushes

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Brushes, Cups Firm – Dark Green, Cups Soft – Light Green

W&H Proxeo TWIST Cups and Brushes

In addition to the Proxeo TWIST contra angle handpiece, W&H is now also offering Prophy Cups and Brushes. They were deisgned in consultation with Prophy users.

Great emphasis was placed on features such as optimal adaptation, simple paste pickip and distribution as well as gentle cleaning up into the sulcus.

The combination of the slender W&H Proxeo TWIST LatchShort contra angle handpiece with its small head and the Prophy Cups with a shorter shaft make access easy, particularly in narrow areas and to the posterior molars.

Prophy Cups

  • Smooth surface at the end of the cup – for gentle polishing up into the sulcus.
  • Special nub shape – designed to prevent the paste from spraying.
  • Special internal files – for easy pickup and targeted application of paste.
  • Nubs on the outside – polish the interdental space at the same time.

The new Proxeo TWIST LatchShort Prophy Cups in various hardness levels and Brushes are now available for optimal removal of biofilm and discolouration.

All Proxeo TWIST LatchShort Prophy Cups have a shorter shaft for an even lower working height.


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Product Number: 08003630*, 08003650, 07597900, 08003630

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