W&H Piezo Scaler Tips

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Range of tips for the Tigon+, Tigon and Pyon 2 piezo scalers.

Please Note:

  • Universal (U) Connection is for W&H, EMS and Mectron standard thread units
  • Universal S (US) Connection is for W&H, Satelec and NSK thread units
  • Universal Q (UQ) Connection is for W&H Q-link thread units only

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Universal – Prophy, Perio, Restoration, Endo, Universal Prophy Set, Implant Set


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W&H Piezo Scaler Tips

The enhanced W&H Piezo Scaler Tips range includes different tips for prophylaxis and periodontology, endodontics, implantology and restoration & prosthetics. The W&H range of tips for the Tigon+, Tigon and Pyon 2 piezo scalers were developed in close cooperation with end users. The range therefore fulfils the exact requirements of dental practice and implantology.

Universal Tip 1U

  • removal of sub- and supragingival calculus in all quadrants
  • the entire treatment can be carried out without the tedious job of changing tips

Universal tip 2U

  • visibly longer and narrower 2U tips
  • treatment of recall patients
  • for fine finishing
  • fine scaling of supragingival calculus
  • removal of plaque

Universal tip 3U

  • slightly rounded and also particularly narrow and short
  • fine scaling in the supragingival region
  • ideal instrument for cleaning the interdental spaces

Universal tip 4U

  • perfect tip for removing large areas of calculus








Piezo tips for Periodontology

Special tip 1P

  • removal of concretions in the subgingival region
  • especially suitable for the treatment of deep periodontal pockets








Special tip 3Pr

  • right-curved tip
  • for periodontal debridement
  • for open root planing








Special tip 3Pl

  • left-curved tip
  • for periodontal debridement
  • for open root planing








Piezo tips for Restoration

Special tip 1R

  • restoration tip with diamond taper
  • widening of root canal entrance
  • fine preparation of fissures








Special tip 2R

  • diamond-coated tip for veneer preparation
  • for clearly defined preparation margins
  • maximum protection of the gingiva and the neighbouring tooth








Special tip 3Rd

  • part-diamond tips for finishing approximal distal cavity edges








Special tip 3Rm

  • part-diamond tips for finishing approximal mesial cavity edges








Piezo tips for Endodontics

Special tip 1E

  • non-cutting instrument for effective rinse activation in the root canal system








Special tip 2E

  • tip for lateral thermal condensation of gutta-percha

Special tip 3E

  • long, thin, fine-diamond tip
  • removal of broken-off parts of root canal instruments








Special tip 4E

  • Preparation of the pulp chamber








Special tip 5E

  • Vibrating and removal of root canal posts








Special tip 6E

  • Removal of root canal fillings and root canal calcifications









Universal Tip Set

  • Contains: 1U, 3U & 1P tips with tip changer and card








Implant Clean Tip Set

  • Contains: 3 x 1l tips with tip changers and card









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