W&H SmartPegs (Pack of 5)

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Specifically designed to work with the Osstell Beacon, Osstell SmartPegs are the measuring device and an essential part of the system that provides the technique for measuring implant stability.

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W&H SmartPegs. State-of-the-Art Design

Each W&H SmartPegs is crafted from soft aluminium and neodymium alloy. This ensures that W&H SmartPegs can be fixed to an implant without the risk of damaging the titanium threads.

Superior build quality and the use of pure materials allow for reliable readings.

Tailored to Fit

Calibrated and customised to fit each implant system and type, SmartPegs ensure that Osstell ISQ readings are accurate and comparable to the scientific and clinical literature and guidelines.

SmartPeg Use

Please note that using the wrong SmartPeg can result in a false reading.

SmartPegs are single patient use. Reusing them can result in inaccurate readings or damage to the implant.


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