W&H Synea Fusion Power WG-900 LT / A

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  • Ceramic ball bearings for smooth operation with less vibration
  • Monobloc design for better hygiene
  • Heat Blocker technology that keeps the push button cool, to protect you and your patients from burns
  •  24-month warranty for WG-900 LT/A

Contra-angle handpiece 1:4, 3-fold spray, head size Ø 10,7 mm, press-button chuck system for FG burs Ø 1,6 mm

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WG-900 LT, WG-900 A

W&H Synea Fusion Power WG-900 LT / A

Reliable, ergonomic and outstanding quality Synea qualities at a glance

Synea Power Edition: for the hardest materials

The Synea Power Edition is especially designed for heavy-duty applications, such as the removal of decayed materials, cavities, fillings, crowns, and bridges. These new high-speed contra-angle handpieces with a unique black push-button are built extra strong and durable.

They are the optimal solution for advanced ceramic material like zirconia that is increasingly being used in restorative dentistry. Thus, this up-to-date addition to the Synea family is the perfect complement to your existing handpiece range.

Extra robust chucking system for higher clamping force

With an unbelievable 20% increase in clamping force, the newly designed FG chucking system is made for heavy-load applications.

To make it easier to select one of our new Synea straight and contra-angle handpieces, we listened to your requirements and have now developed two new lines perfectly suited to your needs. Synea Vision: now with innovations such as special scratch-resistant coating. And Synea Fusion: a series with top quality and maximum economy.

W&H Synea Fusion Power WG-900 LT / A

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