Woodpecker U600 & U600 LED Ultrasonic Scaler

  • No pain technology with Sine-wave drive, mild power output for an ultra-high comfort level
  • Optimized for root canal treatment
  • Optimum vibration of tips with intelligent negative feedback to ensure more comfortable scaling
  • Automatic water supply system
  • The new sealing technique applied to the handpiece ensures softer and stable power output
  • Sensitive¬†waterproof¬†touch screen
  • UK power plug, standalone portable unit

£399.00£539.00 excl. Vat

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Non-Optic, Optic

Woodpecker U600 & U600 LED Ultrasonic Scaler

The Woodpecker U600 & U600 LED Ultrasonic Scaler provides intelligent power output to enable painless treatment – Depending on the tooth surface the intelligent feedback will automatically output the appropriate power to the tip.

Features an intuitive touchscreen system with an ultra-sensitive waterproof design.

Product Includes

  • Main unit
  • Detachable handpiece.
  • Power cord
  • Footswitch
  • Tips included: 1xG4 1xG12 1xP1 1xP3 1xP8 1xE62 1xE60
  • Torque wrench
  • Endo wrench
  • Water pipe
  • Quick-connector for water
  • 6 x waterproof o-rings
  • 10 x bottle sealed rings
  • 700ml water bottle

Product Number: U600, U600LED

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