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  • LED air motor with Micro Power Generator
  • Internal Water Spray
  • Max 24,000 rpm

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The World’s First Air Motor with Micro Power Generator
If you use non-optic turbine hoses, just a small investment in equipment – in the form of NSK “DynaLED M205LG,” the world’s first air motor with micro power generator – will allow you to add optic contra-angles, dramatically enhancing your treatment environment. Since the power source is incorporated in the motor, you’ll also be able to choose from a diverse array of handpieces for cutting, endodontic procedures, PMTC treatments, and straight handpieces, depending on the application.


• Simply connecting to a non-optic turbine hose allows you to perform treatments under LED illumination.

• Offers a stable supply of natural daylight-quality LED illumination rated 25,000 LUX.

• The micro power generator, developed using NSK’s latest technology, ensures quiet operation and minimal vibration.

• Since you can also use your current optic contra-angles, the cost of investment is small.

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