Hygitech Irrigation Lines (10pcs)

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Hygitech Irrigation Lines (10pcs)

Offering a complete range of irrigation sets compatible with most implantology motors on the market. Irrigation is an essential element of an implant surgery and limits the heating of bone and adjacent tissues.

To avoid thermal damage to the bone, the surgical drill must be properly cooled with the proper flow of coolant; this flow rate can be set directly on the motor. It will be imperative to use a suitable and compatible irrigation set for an implantology motor in particular. Each HYGITECH irrigation set is equipped with:

  • A perforator, for the sterile solution bag, and an ON / OFF air filter to increase the flow of the saline solution.
  • A flow control wheel to control or cut the flow of the solution.
  • A silicone peristaltic pump tube adapted to the dimensions of each physio dispenser.
  • A stopcock that is present on some references to regulate the different flow
  • Accessories in reference functions:
  • S-shaped fasteners: attaches the irrigation tube to the micro motor cord.
  • Hooks: When the diameter of the implantology cord is large, use these hooks to attach it to the irrigation set.
  • Y connector: to choose between one or two channels.

The dentist can use a single lane for internal or external irrigation or both lanes to irrigate simultaneously internally and externally.

Conditioning Each irrigation set is packaged in a sterile blister pack. There are two traceability labels on each blister: these labels include the batch number, reference, and expiration date of the product to facilitate the transfer of information to the patient record.

Box of 10 sets.

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Product Number: HY-110001D, HY-110001, HY-110028, HY-110034, HY-110001, HY-110034, HY-110005, HY-110007, HY-110018, HY-110016, HY-110011, HY-110032, HY-110042, HY-110054