AIRFLOW® PLUS Powder is a High-Tech powder which removes biofilm and early calculus in a minimally-invasive way from all types of surfaces:
• Enamel
• Dentine
• Soft tissue
• Tongue and palate
• Primary teeth
• Orthodontic appliances
• Implant surfaces
• Restorations

The Erythritol based PLUS Powder can be applied supra- and subgingivally. The particle size of PLUS Powder is only 14μm.

New replacement for the 4 x 120g bottles of PLUS powder.

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1 x 400g bottle, 4 x 400g bottles

Bye-Bye plastic!


→ EMS AIRFLOW PLUS Powder One reusable aluminum bottle in drinking quality replaces four single-use plastic bottles. Once empty, it becomes the perfect reusable water bottle giveaway for your patients!

• The EMS AIRFLOW PLUS Powder is exclusively developed and produced by EMS / Dr. Wittman under constant control by own chemical laboratories located in Nyon, Switzerland and Zwingenberg, Germany.
• The leading generation of smart powders in a unique and new aluminum bottle design for fast and smooth powder chamber refills, long-term sustainability, and an eco-friendly solution.
• The ONE and ONLY Erythritol + CPC patented formula for ALL clinical applications and ALL patients. Erythritol with its antimicrobial properties in oral care is clinically proven to decrease the incidence of caries, fight plaque and improve overall oral health (de Cock 2018).
• The CPC preservative agent is hypo allergenic, it enhances the versatility of the powder and provides a neutral taste for patients during AIRFLOW® treatment.
• Now in a unique and high-quality food grade aluminum bottle design (400g) that secures moisture-free storage and reduces environmental impact. One reusable aluminum bottle in drinking quality, replaces 4 single use plastic bottles.
• The aluminum bottle protects the AIRLFOW® PLUS POWDER from humidity and our customers from illegal copies.
• BPA free!

For over 90% of all cases – Optimal comfort, minimally invasive, maximally preventive.

For the following indications:

  • Teeth – Primary and secondary teeth
  • Dental hard tissues – Enamel, dentine and cementum
  • Oral soft tissues – Gingiva: supra and subgingival, tongue and palate
  • Restorations and prosthetics – Restorations, prosthetics, dentures
  • Implants – Peri-implant sulcus and deep peri-implant pockets
  • Orthodontics – Orthodontic brackets and clear aligners
  • Prepares for – Caries diagnosis, fluoride treatment, orthodontic treatment and restorative and prosthetic

New and exclusive Aluminum design

The aluminum material of the bottle keeps the powder stable, protecting it 100% from humidity and eliminates environmental impact.

How? The Aluminum material is a natural barrier against humidity that provides better insulation and is entirely recyclable. Dual-use, the original design and size turns into a safe and reusable water bottle.

Unequaled functional lid system

A completely re-engineered and 100% biodegradable spout for a precise and controlled powder flow that ensures fast and smooth powder chamber refills.

How? The design and construction of the spout allows for a perfect mix of air and powder that enables powder to flow similarly to a liquid. The spout eliminates uneven pouring and powder dust for an effective and easy powder chamber refill. Experience powder chamber refills like never before.

Product Code: DV-082/X

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