MC Dental: Know your Handpieces (Price & Performance)

What is a budget handpiece? Budget handpieces are certainly suitable for the more mundane tasks such as polishing, scaling and some drilling. They are also often considered as more disposable than repairable, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be repaired cost-effectively. So how does the company who manufactures a budget handpiece make it so much […]

MC Dental: Know your Handpieces (Ergonomics)

How to choose the right handpiece for you There are a multitude of handpieces available on the market today. A large proportion of them are well designed and fall within a similar price band. But how can you reduce the number of potential pitfalls and come to an informed decision as to which handpiece will […]

MC Dental Know your Handpieces (Maintenance)

Maintenance It is an unfortunate fact that a large portion of handpieces are not maintained in the correct way. Manufacturer’s instructions may not make for an interesting read for even the most dedicated of handpiece enthusiasts, but they provide often valuable information. You can save thousands of pounds in the life time of your equipment […]